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Apart from publishing global reports on an annual basis, we publish the Educatio Si Bulletin quarterly with OIEC. We also publish occasional studies (including studies focusing on particular themes or countries) and a Knowledge Notes series. Finally, from time to time we coordinate special issues or symposia for academic journals, or manage edited volumes on specific topics. Based on this research, we also make occasional contributions to United Nations agencies.
Except for journal articles that may not be in open access, all publications on this website can be downloaded at no cost. Our team contributes to these publications, but you are welcome to submit your work too. 
We welcome submissions related to our calls for papers, but we also welcome submissions of articles for the Educatio Si Bulletin and our Notes Series. Most of our publications are in English, but we  accept submissions in French and Spanish.  To submit your work, contact us. We will let you know whether we can publish it. 
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Our global reports are available here, and our interview series is here. This page provides links to our other publications since the website was created in November 2020 (a few earlier publications are also included). Apart from annual Year in Review reports on the Global Catholic Education project, publications are organized into five categories: (1)  the Educatio Si Bulletin published quarterly; (2) occasional studies and contributions; (3) compilations of interviews; (4) our Knowledge Notes series; and (5) special issues, symposia, or multi-part articles for academic journals or edited volumes.  Individual articles or book chapters by our team are not included below, but if you would like to have a full publication list, please contact us. For information on our calls for papers related to Catholic education, please go here.
Annual Reports
YIR 2021: Global Catholic Education Year in Review 2021
Educatio Si Bulletin
(Possibility for readers to submit articles in English, French, or Spanish - Please see our calls for papers on instructions for submissions).
ESB 2022 Summer: Science, Philosophy and Theology in Dialogue
ESB 2022 Spring: World Catholic Education Day
ESB 2022 Winter: Catholic Education and Integral Human Development
ESB 2021 Fall: Updates on the Global Compact on Education and OIEC 
ESB 2021 Summer: Leadership Perspectives on Catholic Education
ESB 2021 Spring: Global Report 2021 and Committing OIEC to the Global Compact
ESB 2021 Winter: Global Catholic Education Website and Interview Series
ESB 2020 Fall: Highlights of the Global Compact on Education Event
ESB 2020 Summer: Catholic Schools in the French Speaking World
ESB 2020 Spring: Global Catholic Education Report and COVID-19 Crisis
ESB 2020 Winter: Catholic Schools in the Spanish Speaking World
ESB 2019 Fall: Education and Sustainable Development
ESB 2019 Summer: Highlights and Reflections on OIEC’s World Congress
Occasional Studies and Contributions
(Only studies and contributions in open access are listed) 
OS 2022-1: Celebrating World Catholic Education Day 2022 (also in French and Spanish)
OS 2021-6: How Does Francisco see Education?
OS 2021-5: Directory of Catholic Colleges and Universities in the United States 2021
OS 2021-4: Celebrating World Catholic Education Day 2021 (also in French and Spanish)
OS 2021-3: Comments on the Progress Report of the Futures of Education Commission
OS 2021-2: Capacity Building for the Right to Education: The Global Catholic Education Project
OS 2021-1: Covid 19: Toward A World Risk Society (cover only, contact us for a pdf copy)
OS 2020-4: Panorama de la religión en la escuela: Informe 2020
OS 2020-3: Ciudadanía global: Un impulso para la transformación de la educación católica
OS 2020-2: Christian Schools and the Futures of Education
OS 2020-1: Luces para el camino: Pacto educativo global
OS 2019-5: Commitments Taken by Catholic Schools at OIEC's Congress
OS 2019-4: Escuelas con corazón - Schools with Heart
OS 2019-3: The Fourth Industrial Revolution in Higher Education and Work: An Assessment
OS 2019-2: Towards a More Inclusive Society  - Vers une société plus inclusive
OS 2019-1: Education as a driver to integral growth and peace
Compilations of Interviews
(Individual interviews are available here)
CI 2022-3: World Catholic Education Day 2022 (1 article and 7 interviews)
CI 2022-2: Science, Philosophy, and Theology in Dialogue (14 interviews)
CI 2022-1: Research in Service of Catholic Education Practice (13 interviews)
CI 2021-4: Values, Economics, and Catholic Social Thought - Volume 1 (15 interviews)
CI 2021-3: Catholic Education in Africa and the Middle East (15 interviews)
CI 2021-2: World Catholic Education Day 2021 (25 interviews)
CI 2021-1: Ensuring a Bright Future for All Children (15 interviews)
Knowledge Notes
(Possibility for readers to submit notes in English, French, or Spanish - Please see our calls for papers on instructions for submissions). The list below includes a few notes from IFCU.

KN 2021-8: International Student Mobility: A Major Casualty of Covid-19
KN 2021-7: The Switch to Online Learning Three Semesters on: An Assessment
KN 2021-6: Soft Skills: [...] Where does this leave Universities?
KN 2021-5: Firms now want jobs ready graduates: What does this mean for Higher Education?
KN 2021-4: Catholic Teacher Education
KN 2021-3: COVID-19 and Enrollment in Catholic Schools in the United States
KN 2021-2: Global Estimates of the Market Share of Catholic Schools and Universities
KN 2021-1: Q1-2021 Trends in Higher Education
KN 2020-4: How Many Students Do Christian Schools Serve Globally?
KN 2020-3: Global and Regional Enrollment Trends in Catholic Higher Education: 1975-2018
KN 2020-2: Global and Regional Enrollment Trends in K12 Catholic Schools: 1975-2018
KN 2020-1: Le Pacte Educatif Mondial : Repenser l’école catholique
KN 2019-4: Parental Priorities for What Children Should Learn in School (in the US)
KN 2019-3: Willingness to Consider Catholic Schools and Favorability Ratings (in the US)
KN 2019-2: Student Performance on Learning Assessments (in the US)
KN 2019-1: Long-Term Trends in Enrollment in Catholic Schools (in the US)

Special Issues and Symposia for Journals
Apart from individual research articles (not included below), we publish special issues, symposia, or multi-part articles in academic journals as well as edited volumes. See our calls for papers currently open for opportunities to publish your work.
Educatio – Revue scientifique de l’éducation chrétienne (Open Access)
2023: Special issue on the learning crisis - Problems and solutions (planned)
2022: Symposium on corruption in education and other services in Africa (Symposium)
2021: Two-part article in French on Catholic schools globally (Part 1Part 2)
International Journal of Education Law and Policy
2021: Two-part article on Digital connectivity, Covid-19 and Catholic schools ​(Volume 17)

International Studies on Catholic Education
2021 Fall: Special issue on Catholic and faith-based schools in Africa (Special Issue)​
2019 & 2020 Spring: Two-part article on serving the poor in Africa (Part 1, Part 2)
Journal of Catholic Education (Open Access)
2022 Spring: Focus section on Catholic schools in the US (planned)​
2021 Spring: Focus section on OIEC's 2019 World Congress (Symposium)
2020 Spring: Two-part article on the COVID-19 crisis (Intro, Part 1, Part 2
Journal of Global Catholicism (Open Access)
2022 Spring: Special issue on Catholic Education and Pluralism (planned)
Review of Faith & International Affairs
2021 Summer: Two-part article on pluralism and the right to education (Part 1, Part 2)
2019 Winter: Symposium on Catholic and faith-based schools (Symposium)

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