Global Catholic Education is a two-year volunteer-led pilot project to contribute to Catholic education and integral human development globally with a range of resources. The website went live symbolically on Thanksgiving Day in November 2020 to give thanks for the many blessings we have received. Catholic schools serve 62 million children in pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools globally. In addition, more than 6 million students are enrolled at the post-secondary level (data for 2018). The Church also provides many other services to children and families, including in healthcare, social protection, and humanitarian assistance. Our aim is to serve Catholic schools and universities, as well as other organizations contributing to integral human development, with an emphasis on responding to the aspirations of the poor and vulnerable. 


Core Partners

Our core partners are the four organizations that federate Catholic education globally:
Additional Partners
Links to Church Organizations with Leadership in Education
Congregation for Catholic Education
International Union of Superior Generals
Union of Superior Generals

"The duty of a good educator is to love with more intensity his weakest, more disadvantaged students." Pope Francis.


Our Mission

The Global Catholic Education website informs and connects Catholic educators globally. It provides them with data, analysis, opportunities to learn, and other resources to help them fulfill their mission with a particular focus on the preferential option for the poor.

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Our Vision

We connect Catholic education to the world, and the world to Catholic education. We bring global knowledge to Catholic schools and universities by sharing evidence-based good practices emerging from international experience.  And we bring to the attention of the global education community the work of Catholic schools and universities, including their approaches to educate the whole person towards fraternal humanism.

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