CREDO (Catholic Research Economists Discussion Organization) is an international society of hundreds of research economists interested in the conversation between the Catholic faith and economic research as it applies to the economy, the Church, and broader society.  Many of these economists have an interest in issues related to education as well as integral human development more generally. This page provides basic information about CREDO and a collaboration between CREDO and this website as well as its core partners to benefit Catholic schools and universities, as well as other nonprofit organizations.
CREDO has five main goals: (1) fostering a community of Catholic economics scholars; (2) disseminating economic knowledge including in the public discourse of the Church; (3) promoting reflection on Catholic social thought; (4) mentoring young economists; (5) providing expertise to Church leaders and organizations engaged in social and economic issues. Activities include (i) conferences with the Lumen Christi Institute; (ii) sessions at the ASSA annual meetings and a Mass with the local bishop followed by a breakfast; (iii) a newsletter; (iv) an Advisory Panel of economists available to Church leaders and institutions needing advice on economic policy matters; and (v) the promotion of service among CREDO members, including on Catholic education.
We are currently exploring collaborations between CREDO and the global Catholic education community. Four main service opportunities are being considered. If you would like to be involved as we explore such collaborations, please contact us.
Potential Service Opportunities with CREDO
Four main types of service opportunities are being considered:
  • Economists sharing insights on the profession with Catholic schools and universities. We would have a roster of CREDO economists willing to make virtual (zoom) presentations to students in Catholic high schools or universities on what a career as an economist may entail, how to get there, what mistakes to avoid, etc.
  • Quarterly webinar on how to volunteer as an economist. This would not be a research webinar, but rather a way of sharing interesting ways to volunteer as an economist with Catholic and other organizations, including a focus on serving the poor. 
  • Pro bono consulting for Catholic nonprofits, including schools and universities, but also others (health, social protection, humanitarian assistance, etc.). CREDO economists would serve as pro bono consultants and be matched with Catholic schools and universities or other nonprofits that need advice or analysis.
  • Other collaborations with core partners from  this website (OIEC, IFCU, OMAEC, and UMEC). For example, the International Federation of Catholic Universities manages international research groups in various disciplines, but not yet in economics. CREDO could perform this role in the area of economics, again with a view to be of service, including to Catholic universities.

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