Interviews are a great way to share experiences in an accessible and personal way. This website features interviews with practitioners as well as researchers working in Catholic education globally, whether in a classroom, at a university, or with other organizations aiming to strengthen Catholic schools and universities.
We hope to feature multiple voices and experiences, so if you have ideas of people you believe we should interview, please contact us. We can conduct and publish interviews in English, French, or Spanish.
We also feature on this website links to a few other series of interviews on Catholic education or other related topics. If there is a series you believe that we should link to, again, let us know.
Note: The photo is that of Brother Peter Tabichi who teaches in Kenya and won the 2019 Global Teacher Prize. 
This page provides: (1) interviews conducted as part of the Global Catholic Education series; and (2) links to other interesting series of interviews on Catholic education or related topics. 
Global Catholic Education Interview Series
(Interviews can be conducted in English, French, or Spanish - If you have an idea for an interview, please contact us)
IS 2021-12: Max Bonilla, Director of the Expanded Reason Institute at U. Francisco de Vitoria
IS 2021-11: Norberto Liwski, Médico pediatra social y docente universitario
IS 2021-10: Ashley Rogers Berner, Director of Johns Hopkins U.'s Institute for Education Policy
IS 2021-9: Alessandra Aula, Secrétaire Générale du BICE
IS 2021-8: Alfonso Giraldo Saavedra, Presidente de la OMAEC
IS 2021-7: Giovanni Perrone, Secrétaire Général de l'UMEC
IS 2021-6: François Mabille, Secrétaire Général de la FIUC 
IS 2021-5: Soeur Martha Seide, FMA - Salésienne de Don Bosco
IS 2021-4: Annette Scheunpflug, Council Member of GPENreformation
IS 2021-3: Kathy Mears, Interim CEO of the National Catholic Education Association
IS 2021-2: Père Alexandre Bingo, Proviseur du Lycée Saint Luc de Banfora
IS 2021-1: Philippe Richard, Secretary General of OIEC (also available in French & Spanish)
IS 2020-1: Gerald Grace, Editor of International Studies in Catholic Education
IS 2019-1: Brother Peter Tabichi, Winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize
Other Interesting Series of Interviews
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities - @ the helm
Interviews with Presidents of Catholic colleges and universtities in the US.
Berkley Center Interviews - Georgetown University
Interviews with activists, religious leaders, and policy specialists on best practices and collaborative strategies across a range of contemporary development challenges.
Catholic School Matters Podcasts
Interviews with school leaders by Tim Uhl, superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools.

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