Interviews are a great way to share experiences in an accessible and personal way. This website features interviews with practitioners as well as researchers working in Catholic education globally, or in other organizations promoting integral human development.
We hope to feature multiple voices and experiences, so if you have ideas of people you believe we should interview, please contact us. We can conduct and publish interviews in English, French, or Spanish.
We also feature on this website links to a few other series of interviews on Catholic education or other related topics. If there is a series you believe that we should link to, again, let us know.
Note: The photo is that of Brother Peter Tabichi who teaches in Kenya and won the 2019 Global Teacher Prize. 
This page provides: (1) interviews conducted as part of the Global Catholic Education series; and (2) links to other interesting series of interviews on Catholic education or related topics. 
Global Catholic Education Interview Series
Interviews can be conducted in English, French, or Spanish - If you have an idea for an interview, please contact us. Apart from  making interviews available individually, when enough interviews are available for a topic, we combine them together in an edited volume with a brief overview highlighting common themes. 
Catholic Economists Series (with CREDO)
CES-9: Ademar Bechtold, Professor at Notre Dame of Maryland University
CES-8: Idesbald Nicaise, Professor at KU Leuven
CES-7: Maria Marta Ferreyra, Senior Economist at the World Bank
CES-6: Carola Binder, Assistant Professor of Economics at Haverford College
CES-5: Peter Arcidiacono, Professor of Economics at Duke University
CES-4: Malcolm Kass, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Dallas
CES-3: Clara Jace, Lecturer in Economics at the Catholic University of America
CES-2: Joseph Kaboski, Professor of Economics at the University of Notre Dame
CES-1: Bernhard Gunter, Assistant Professor of Economics at American University
Catholic Education in Africa and the Middle East
AME-9: Fr. David Jimoh Jarju, in charge of Catholic schools in The Gambia
AME-8: Père Didier Affolabi, Directeur national de l'enseignement catholique, Bénin
AME-7: Père Boutros Azar, Secrétaire Général des écoles catholiques au Liban
AME-6: Gilberte Chung Kim Chung, in charge of Catholic education in Mauritius
AME-5: Père Hubert Kiemde, responsable de l'enseignement catholiques au Burkina Faso
AME-4: Père Jawad Alamat, responsable de l'enseignement catholiques en Tunisie
AME-3: Père Marc Boucrot, responsable de l'enseignement catholiques au Maroc
AME-2: Père Jamal Khader, responsable de l’enseignement catholique en Palestine
AME-1: Père Koundya Joseph Guindo, responsable de l’enseignement catholique au Mali
Reaching the Poor Series
RPS-1: Cathy Low, Volunteer of the International Movement ATD Fourth World, Switzerland
Beyond the Classroom Series (with Scholas Occurentes)
BCS-3: Robert Johnson, Director of the Institute for New Thinking
BCS-2: Gerardo Talajera, Director general de Casa Refugiados en México
BCS-1: Nancy Falcon, Directora ejecutiva del Centro de díalogui intercultural Alba en Argentina
Expanded Reason Series (with the Expanded Reason Awards)
ERS-5: Father Javier Sánchez Cañizares, Professor at the University of Navarra
ERS-4: Jay Martin, Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Notre Dame
ERS-3: Robert Enright, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
ERS-2: William Simpson, Junior Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge
ERS-1: Max Bonilla, Director of the Expanded Reason Institute at U. Francisco de Vitoria
Education Pluralism Series 
EPS-2: Ashley Rogers Berner, Director of Johns Hopkins U.'s Institute for Education Policy
EPS-1: Annette Scheunpflug, Council Member of GPENreformation
Researchers in Catholic Education Series
RCE-1: Gerald Grace, Editor of International Studies in Catholic Education
World Catholic Education Day 2021 Series
Edited volume (May 2021): World Catholic Education Day 2021: Celebrating Educators and Working Together for the Global Compact on Education (includes the 25 interviews)
List of interviews by part and completion date:
Part 1: FMA Congregation and girls' education
WCE-1-7: Sœur Joséphine Chulu, Directrice du Centre Laura Vicuña en RD Congo
WCE-1-6: Sor Patricia Parraguez Núñez, FMA, Instituto Hijas de María Auxiliadora, Chile
WCE-1-5: Sœur Annecie Audate, FMA, Directrice générale de VIDES international, Italie
WCE-1-4: Sr. Josephine Garza, FMA, Principal of the Don Bosco School in Manila, Philippines
WCE-1-3: Sr. Sarah B. Garcia, FMA, Director of the IIMA Human Rights Office in Geneva, Switzerland
WCE-1-2: Sr. Maria Victoria P. Sta. Ana, FMA, Director of the Laura Vicuña Foundation, Philippines
WCE-1-1: Soeur Martha Seide, FMA, Faculté Pontificale pour les Sciences de l’Education, Italie
Part 2: Perspectives from teachers, school principals, and administrators
WCE-2-10: David Brandán, Director General del Instituto María Auxiliadora, Bernal, Argentina
WCE-2-9: Joseph Herveau, responsable de l'animation pastorale, France
WCE-2-8: Fr. Hans Zollner, SJ, Professor at the Gregorian University, Italy 
WCE-2-7: Hmo. Nestor Anaya Marín, Secretario de Misión Educativa, Escuelas Cristianas, Italia
WCE-2-6: Louis-Marie Piron et Marie Lopez de l’enseignement catholique en France 
WCE-2-5: Sr. Teresita Kambeitz, from the Newman Theological College, Canada
WCE-2-4: Leonardo Franchi, Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
WCE-2-3: Père Alexandre Bingo, Proviseur du Lycée Saint Luc de Banfora, Burkina Faso
WCE-2-2: Kathy Mears, Interim CEO of the National Catholic Education Association, the US
WCE-2-1: Br. Peter Tabichi, Winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize, Kenya
Part 3: Perspectives from OIEC regional representatives
WCE-3-4: Père Didier Affolabi, Directeur national de l'enseignement catholique, Bénin
WCE-3-3: Fr. Alain Manalo, Superintendent of Diocesan Schools, Diocese of Imus, Philippines
WCE-3-2: Guy Selderslagh, Secrétaire Général du CEEC, Belgique
WCE-3-1: Père Boutros Azar, Secrétaire Général des écoles catholiques, Liban
Part 4: Perspectives from international organizations
WCE-4-4: Alfonso Giraldo Saavedra, Presidente de la OMAEC, Colombia
WCE-4-3: Giovanni Perrone, Secrétaire Général de l'UMEC, Italie
WCE-4-2: François Mabille, Secrétaire Général de la FIUC, France 
WCE-4-1: Philippe Richard, Secretary General of OIEC, France (available in French & Spanish)
Children at Risk Series (with BICE)
Edited volume (April 2021): Ensuring a Bright Future for All Children: Interviews at the Frontline of Working with Children at Risk Globally (includes the 15 interviews)
List of interviews by completion date:
CAR-15: Svetlana Mamonova, Director at Perspektivy in Russia
CAR-14: Lola Nasriddinova, Director of IRODA in Tajikistan
CAR-13: Thomas d'Aquin Rubambura Mituga, Coordinateur adjoint du PEDER en RD Congo
CAR-12: Alda Segla, Psychologue chargée de la formation BICE en Afrique
CAR-11: Davy Tith, Director of OEC in Cambodia
CAR-10: Emmanuel Kazige, Directeur Exécutif de GHOVODI en RD Congo
CAR-9: Rana El Khoury, Coordinatrice du projet Fratelli au Liban
CAR-8: Véronique Brossier, Festival BICE de films Enfances dans le Monde 
CAR-7: Abraham Bengaly, Président du Bureau National Catholique de l'Enfance, Mali 
CAR-6: Mary Chelladurai, Director of the Aina Trust in India
CAR-5: María Consuelo Barletta, Coordinadora del programa BICE Niñez sin Rejas, Peru 
CAR-4: Carlos Alberto Alarcon Novoa, Coordinador de la Mesa BICE Centroamérica
CAR-3: Diana Shirley Herreño Bustos, Coordinadora del programa Niñez sin Rejas, Colombia
CAR-2: Norberto Liwski, Médico pediatra social y docente universitario, Argentina
CAR-1: Alessandra Aula, Secrétaire Générale du BICE
Other Interesting Series of Interviews
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities - @ the helm
Interviews with Presidents of Catholic colleges and universtities in the US.
Berkley Center Interviews - Georgetown University
Interviews with activists, religious leaders, and policy specialists on best practices and collaborative strategies across a range of contemporary development challenges.
Catholic School Matters Podcasts
Interviews with school leaders by Tim Uhl, superintendent of Montana Catholic Schools.

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