Our services include events (seminars and training), a blog, access to data, various resources, and a knowledge hub on this page that aims to provide analysis and guidance on the key building blocks that are needed for Catholic schools and universities to be well performing. The analysis is organized by topics.  We hope that it will be useful to Catholic school teachers, principals, professors, or administrators.
Currently, analysis is provided only on a handful of topics. We will be working in the next few months to expand the topics being covered. Topics to be considered include the Catholic identity of schools and universities, but also many other topics that relate to the basic education function that schools and universities provide. For example, how can schools and universities ensure that students are actually learning? How can they reach vulnerable groups, whether their vulnerability is related to extreme poverty, gender, ethnicity, faith affiliation, disabilities, or other factors?  
If you think of particular topics that we should cover, or if you would like to help us in providing guidance on specific topics, please contact us
Stacking Blocks
Under Topics (our Knowledge Hub), you will find analysis and guidance on key topics for Catholic schools and universities. A preliminary list of topics is provided below. We hope to "go live" on many of these topics in the next few months. If you have ideas for topics we should cover or if you would like to help in providing guidance, please contact us
Knowledge Hub
​Topics currently available:
Coming soon: Topics being considered include the following:
  • Alumni relations - Models for engaging alumni
  • Assessments - Strengthening student assessments
  • Gender - Improving educational opportunities for girls
  • Disabilities - Guidance on inclusive education by type of disability
  • Financing - Financial sustainability for schools/universities
  • Pedagogy - Improving pedagogy in the classroom
  • Poverty - Enabling schools/universities practice the preferential option
  • Regulatory frameworks - Relationships with the state
  • Sustainability - Living the principles in Laudato Si in practice
  • Teachers - Guidance on good practices related to teachers
  • Trends - Trends affecting schools/universities
  • Violence - Reducing violence in schools

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