Calls for Papers

Part of our mission is to help researchers and practitioners working in the field of Catholic education share their work with a broader audience through publications. This is why we publish the Education Si Bulletin as well as a Knowledge Notes series (see Other publications). We also coordinate from time to time edited volumes and special issues or symposia for journals. Calls for papers to that effect are provided on this page.

As much as possible, we try to have our publications in open access. This is why we often work with open access journals for our special issues. Research is essential for Catholic schools and universities to fulfill their mission, but it must be accessible! Open access matters especially in low income countries where enrollment in Catholic schools and universities is growing. 

We will progressively add more resources as we develop this website. If you have suggestions on resources to add, please contact us
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You will find on this page open calls for papers for special journal issues from our team and other series that accept submissions. We will progressively add other resources. To access our previously published work, see our Global Reports and  Other Publications.
Calls for Papers
We participate in the editorial board of book series. Please consult the relevant publishers' web pages that provide information on how to submit manuscripts.
Springer: Book series on Catholic Education Globally: Challenges and Opportunities
Calls for papers for special issues of journals managed by our team:
Other calls for papers managed by our team: 
Call for working papers for the series on Values, Economics, and Catholic Social Thought (with CREDO and the Lumen Christi Institute at the University of Chicago): Call for papers

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