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One of our primary objectives is to build a sense of community and support among Catholic educators and others engaged in integral human development. To that end, this website provides information on webinars organized by our core partners that are typically open to all. We also conduct interviews to share interesting experiences within our community. Another of our activities has been from 2019 to 2022 the publication of the Educatio Si Bulletin on a quarterly basis. Finally, we provide resources to strengthen key constituencies, including alumni of Catholic education who are often an untapped resource for Catholic schools and universities.  If you have ideas for building our global community of Catholic educators and practitioners of integral human development, please contact us
Group Planting a Tree
This page provides links to other pages on this website aiming to share experiences among Catholic educators and other engaged in the promotion of integral human development.  Additional resources will be provided as we develop the website.
Quarterly Bulletin Educatio Si
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Link to the webpage. 
For the G.R.A.C.E. webinar series on Africa, a flier is available here
Interview Series
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Alumni Networks
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