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Feb. 25, 2021:  OIEC's Commitment Ceremony to the Global Compact on Education
Speakers: Multiple, including Msgr. Zani, Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education
Type of event: OIEC webinar. Recording (1h40): YouTube.
On February 25, 2021, OIEC expressed during a webinar its commitment to the Global Compact on Education. Each OIEC member is invited to do so as well. A recording of the webinar will be shared with Pope Francis and the text of the interventions will be published in the Educatio Si Bulletin.
Feb. 16, 2021: Learning Poverty and Education Pluralism - The Global Catholic Education Report 2021
Speaker: Dr. Quentin Wodon, International Office of Catholic Education
Panel: François Mabille (International Federation of Catholic Universities), Augusta Muthigani (Commission for Education and Religious Education, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops), and Halsey Rogers (World Bank).
Type of event: GRACE webinar. Recording (1 h30): YouTube
Catholic schools serve close to 62 million students globally at the preschool, primary, and secondary levels, with in addition more than 6 million students enrolled at the post-secondary level. By managing the largest non-governmental network of schools and universities in the world, the Catholic Church plays an important role in efforts to achieve SDG4, especially in low-income countries. In 2020, OIEC released the first Global Catholic Education Report. The second edition of the report for 2021 under the new collaborative Global Catholic Education project ( focuses on learning poverty, education pluralism, and the implications of the COVID-19 Crisis. The report explores the impact of the crisis on educational attainment and learning across countries, as well as the issue of education pluralism, suggesting that education pluralism should be taken into account when considering state support for nonprofit faith-based schools and universities. The report also discusses regulatory framework for Catholic schools and universities, as well as interventions that could improve educational outcomes. 
January 19, 2021: Beyond Test Scores: Measuring the Contributions of Catholic Schools/Universities
Speaker: Dr. Quentin Wodon, International Office of Catholic Education
Panel: Andrew Miller (Boston College), Timothy Uhl (Catholic Schools for Montana) and Annie Smith (National Catholic Education Association)
Type of event: GRACE webinar. Recording (1 h): YouTube
Catholic schools and universities aim to educate the whole person. Beyond strong academics, they aim to educate towards fraternal humanism. Do we have any evidence that they succeed? Based on recent research for the United States, this webinar explores this question. Topics considered include (1) whether parents sending children to Catholic schools have different priorities for what children should learn in school than other parents; (2) whether students in Catholic schools exhibit self-discipline; (3) whether different stakeholders have different worldviews for Catholic schools; (4) whether there is less violence in Catholic schools than in other schools; (5) whether going to Catholic schools is associated with particular patterns of family formation later in life; and (6) more generally, what is meant by a Catholic identity. After a presentation summarizing findings from recent research, panelists shared their views on how Catholic schools and universities could rely on these and other research findings to improve the education they provide "beyond test scores".
December 2, 2020: The Heart of Catholic Education: A Conversation with Dr. Thomas H. Groome
Speaker: Prof. Thomas H. Groome, Boston College
Type of event: GRACE webinar. Recording (1 h): YouTube
When a school presents itself to the world as offering Catholic education, it signals, at a minimum, that it is committed to educating from and for faith. It is to educate from deep spiritual convictions that are core to Catholicism and for a Transcendent as well as an immanent perspective on life in the world and how to live it well. What then, we might ask, is at "the heart" of Catholic education? We surely need to know for moving forward faithfully in our time.
November 10, 2020: Expérience des écoles chrétiennes pour répondre à la crise de la COVID
Speakers: Annette Scheunpflug, Rev. Samuel Mutabazi, Père Alexandre Bingo, Guy Selderlagh
Type of event: GRACE webinar. Recording (1 h): YouTube
Comment les écoles ont-elles répondu à la crise ? Quels sont les difficultés auxquelles elles sont confrontées ? Quelles sont les implications pour le futur ? Les leçons apprises vont-elles accélérer certains changements ? Sur base d’expériences en Europe et Afrique, ce webinaire apporte des réponses à ces questions. Avec Annette Scheunpflug, Chair of Foundations in Education, Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg; Rev. Samuel Mutabazi, Directeur, Bureau National de l'Enseignement Protestant, Rwanda ; Père Alexandre Bingo, Directeur, Lycée catholique Saint-Luc, Banfora, Burkina Faso ; Guy Selderlagh, Secrétaire General, Comité Européen de l'Enseignement Catholique.

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