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The Global Catholic Education project publishes several Global Reports. These reports include the Global Catholic Education Report, the Global Report on Integral Human Development, the Global Directory of Catholic Colleges, and Universities, and various compilations of statistics.
We are considering producing other Global Reports and welcome your ideas, so don't hesitate to contact us.
This page provides links to our Global Reports and related materials. The reports aim to bring global knowledge on education and integral human development to Catholic schools, universities, and other organizations by sharing evidence-based good practices emerging from international experience. They also aim to bring to the attention of the international community the work of Catholic schools, universities, and other organizations promoting integral human development, including their approaches to educate the whole person towards fraternal humanism. If you have questions related to the reports, please contact us.
Global Catholic Education Reports
2021 Report
2020 Report
Global Report on Integral Human Development
2022 Report
Global Directory of Catholic Colleges & Universities
Information on the global directory is available on our Catholic Universities page. The first volume for the United States has been completed. Other volumes are in progress.
Global Reports with Compilations of Statistics
Enrollment in Catholic Pre-primary to Secondary Schools: Global Trends and Country Profiles, 1975-2020
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