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Alumni are a key yet often underused resource for many Catholic schools and universities. Alumni matter for at least three reasons. First, parents who themselves went to a Catholic school (or university) are more likely to send their children to a Catholic school. Second, alumni can provide support to schools - not only financially, but also by volunteering.  Third, alumni can be a major force in public debates about Catholic schools in a country.
Alumni are often willing to help, but are rarely asked to. This page provides resources that can facilitate the engagement of alumni with Catholic schools and universities. This includes a directory of Catholic alumni associations at the global, regional, and national levels, as well as advice for schools and universities on how to engage their alumni. If you have ideas for additional resources to be provided on this page, please contact us
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This page is under construction. We will soon provide resources for schools and universities on how to engage their alumni network. In the meantime, we provide below a partial list of alumni associations at the global, regional, and national levels, as well as alumni associations associated with congregations. While the alumni association that matters the most for any particular school and university is the association that they manage themselves, national, regional, and global associations can help.
Global Federation of Alumni Associations
The World Organization of Former Students of Catholic Education (OMAEC in French) is the international organization that federates Catholic education alumni association globally. 
Alumni Associations for Congregations
Congregations operating a global alumni association include the following:
Regional Alumni Associations
Regions operating a regional alumni associations include the following:
  • African Union Alumni of Catholic Education - UNAEC Africa
  • European Union Alumni of Catholic Education - UNAEC Europe
  • Union of Alumni of Catholic Education of America - UNAEC America
Country-level Alumni Associations
Countries operating a national alumni association include the following:
Guidance on How to Engage Alumni
Coming soon. 

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