Educatio Si Bulletin

To serve the community of Catholic educators globally and facilitate the sharing of experiences, we publish  the Educatio Si Bulletin on a quarterly basis with the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC). The Bulletin was launched after the OIEC World Congress held in New York in June 2019 on the theme 'Educatio Si', hence the choice of the name of the Bulletin.  Contributions of articles from teachers, school principals, and others interested in Catholic education and integral human development are welcome. We welcome articles in English, French, and Spanish. To submit your work, contact us. We will let you know whether we can publish your contribution. 
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Below are the issues of the Educatio Si Bulletin published so far. 
Educatio Si Bulletin
(Possibility for readers to submit articles in English, French, or Spanish - Please see our calls for papers on instructions for submissions).

ESB 2022 Summer: Science, Philosophy and Theology in Dialogue
ESB 2022 Spring: World Catholic Education Day
ESB 2022 Winter: Catholic Education and Integral Human Development
ESB 2021 Fall: Updates on the Global Compact on Education and OIEC 
ESB 2021 Summer: Leadership Perspectives on Catholic Education
ESB 2021 Spring: Global Report 2021 and Committing OIEC to the Global Compact
ESB 2021 Winter: Global Catholic Education Website and Interview Series
ESB 2020 Fall: Highlights of the Global Compact on Education Event
ESB 2020 Summer: Catholic Schools in the French Speaking World
ESB 2020 Spring: Global Catholic Education Report and COVID-19 Crisis
ESB 2020 Winter: Catholic Schools in the Spanish Speaking World
ESB 2019 Fall: Education and Sustainable Development
ESB 2019 Summer: Highlights and Reflections on OIEC’s World Congress

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