One of our goals on this website is to provide useful data for Catholic schools and universities. This includes data on Catholic education, but also other types of data that are relevant to Catholic educators. We strive to make data accessible and are planning to release a data visualization tool. 
Data on Catholic education are available from various sources, including the annual statistical yearbook of the Church. This website provides those data including country profiles for Catholic education.
We also provide links to other datasets that are relevant to Catholic schools, including data from the UNESCO Institute of Statistics and the World Bank, as well as data from international student assessments and school health surveys, among others. 
Data can take many forms. We value both quantitative and qualitative data. If you own a dataset that has gone through an appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol and would like us to make it available through his website, contact us.  We will review the dataset and post it on this website if it meets our criteria.
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You will find on this page (1) datasets on Catholic education; (2) links to selected other datasets that could be useful to Catholic educators; and (3) country profiles on Catholic education.
Datasets on Catholic Education


Dataset: Yearbook 2018 for GCE website.xlsx

Description: Country-level enrollment in Catholic schools and universities (2018).

Source: Statistical Yearbook of the Church, 2020 edition.

Analysis: See the Global Catholic Education Reports and Knowledge Notes here.

Links to Selected Multi-country Datasets

General Data on Education 
International Student Assessments
Country Profiles for Catholic Education 
The Global Catholic Education Report 2020 includes a detailed statistical annex with more than 100 one-page country profiles documenting trends in K12 enrollment in Catholic schools up to 2017 for all countries with at least 10,000 students enrolled. The profiles are available below as one-pagers per country in pdf format. The profiles will be updated with 2018 data in the Global Catholic Education Report 2021 (forthcoming). When selecting a country below, the profile for that country will open in a new window. Countries are listed alphabetically.

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